varinicey pakoras means you eat more vegetables

We make the freshest vegetable pakoras in a delightful variety of flavours and styles.

All of our pakoras are plant based

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Making the finest pakoras in the land

Eat more vegetables and get more nutrients in your body.

Our pakoras are packed with all the fresh vegetables you need for a busy day. Starting from our original mix, we use carrots onions, kale, yams and swiss chard. We then make a vast array of pakora styles, such as the Green Party, The Beet Drop, and The Mushroom Bomb to name a few. All pakoras are served with our own sweet yet spicey mango chutney. We also provide other fancy sauces if your feeling exploratory.

We also have hot drinks, and smoothies made with yougurt



Always fresh and gluten free, all the time

The finest pakora in the land

Kale, carrots, onions, yams, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli and more

With delightful drinks


Mango Coconut smoothies, hot drinks and more

Vegtables are FKN AWSM

All those vitamins, minerals, and diverse nutrients

We run on Rechargable Batteries

We upgraded to Lithium, and have NET ZERO EMISSIONS

Always fresh and gluten free all the time

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